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North Star Outdoor

Merit Badge Weekend

TBD, 2021

Katahdin Area Council

Overnight (Outdoor Camping)


Limestone Community School

93 High Street, Limestone, ME

Behind the school, near athletic fields


North Star Outdoor

Merit Badge Weekend



Limestone Community School


Registration Fee: $5 per scout

This is an overnight event. Indoor camping space is available in the gym. 
Please bring your sleeping gear, cots are allowed.


Registration opens December 16th and many classes will fill up quickly. Avoid disappointment and select multiple class options in case your first choice is unavailable. Please be aware of pre-requisites for some merit badge classes. 


Registration will close on Sunday, March 1st so we can prepare for the event. The dining hall staff will need time to order supplies for us too.

For even more information, visit our Facebook page at




  • 7:00 AM    Check-in at Main Entrance

  • 7:45 AM    Check-in Ends

  • 8:00 AM    Opening Ceremony & Announcements

  • 8:15 AM     Session One

  • 12:00 PM   Lunch in Dining Hall

  • 1:00 PM     Session Two

  • 5:00 PM     Dinner

  • 5:45 PM     Set up “campsites” in gym

  • 6:30 PM     Vespers in Auditorium (non-denominational)

  • 7:00 PM     Activity Time (various activities such as swimming, movie in the auditorium, outdoor bonfire, board games...)

  • 9:00 PM     Gather at “campsites” and prepare for night

  • 9:30 PM     TAPS



  • 6:30 AM      Reveille

  • 7:00 AM      Breakfast

  • 8:00 AM      Session Three

  • 12:00 PM     Lunch

  • 1:00 PM       Closing Ceremony in Auditorium

  • 1:30 PM        Pack-up and Campsite Inspections


  • No refunds will be provided after March 1, 2020.

  • For medical reasons, a request may be submitted within 1 week after the event, but a doctor’s note will be required for a refund.

  • Refund requests need to be sent to



  • All Scouts should wear a their Class A uniform or Class B Troop shirt. Other attire may be worn to classes as necessary.


  • Scouts must bring their Blue Cards, a notebook and pen or pencil

More Information

  • Download the NSMBA Flyer for more information and a printable copy to share with Troop members.

Class Information



You and your classmates will have a better experience if you are prepared before you come to these classes. Review the merit badge requirements and complete any pre-requisites before the event. Pre-requisites will be discussed in class and may require you to bring your work with you for proof of completion. Merit badge classes are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Avoid disappointment and select multiple class options in case your first choices aren’t available.

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