North Star OUTDOOR

Merit Badge Academy



June 25-27, 2021

Limestone Community School
93 High Street, Limestone, Maine 04750
Behind the school near athletic fields

REGISTRATION FEE:  $10 per person

DEADLINE: June 6, 2021

CAMPSITES:  Each troop will be provided an area to set up camp. 

CAMPFIRES: Allowed at campsites but must be contained in a fire pit to limit ground damage

FACILITIES:  Outhouses will be available

MEALS:  Each Troop will be responsible for their own meals at their campsite. Be prepared to bring your own potable water to sustain your group for the weekend.

ATTIRE: All Scouts should wear their Class A uniform or Class B Troop shirt. Other attire may be worn during classes as needed.

CLASSES:  Scouts must bring a notebook and pen/pencil


BLUE CARDS:  Scouts should bring a blue card for each class they plan to attend. We will have a limited amount available.


Event Contact
Kathie Beaulieu
PO Box 344, Limestone, ME 04750

For even more information, visit our Facebook page at


Friday, June 25
    4:00 PM    Check-in begins at the registration tent. You will be assigned an area to set up camp and other info.
     6:00 PM    Supper at each Troop campsite
     7:00 PM    Free time to enjoy the sports fields, trails and troop planned activities
     8:30 PM    Cracker Barrel at registration tent - SPLs and Scoutmasters
     9:30 PM    TAPS

Saturday, June 26
     6:00 AM    Reveille & Breakfast at campsites
     7:30 AM    Opening Ceremony on soccer field
     8:00 AM    Merit Badge Session 1
     12:00 PM  Lunch at campsites
     1:00 PM    Merit Badge Session 2
     5:00 PM    Supper at campsites
     6:30 PM    Scout service in soccer field
     7:00 PM    Free time, various activities available
     9:00 PM    Gather at your campsites
     9:30 PM    TAPS

Sunday, June 27
     6:00 AM    Reveille & Breakfast at campsites
     8:00 AM    Merit Badge Session 3
     12:00 PM  Lunch at campsites
     1:00 PM    Closing Ceremony in soccer field
     1:30 PM    Pack-up and Campsite Inspections


More Information

  •  Download the NSMBA Outdoor Booklet for more information and a printable copy to share with Troop members.

Event Rules

  •  The Scout Law, Oath, and Outdoor Code are of primary importance throughout the weekend.

  • All trash will need to be carried out, and gray water collected at designated sites.

  • Limited water will be available. Units will need to supply their own water.

  • Units must bring their own firewood. You may have campfires at your sites but they need to be contained in a fire pit to limit any ground damage. The fire pit may be above ground level to avoid damage or you may dig out the sod, set it aside and replace when closing up camp.

  • All participants should be respectful of private property on and off site.

  • All participants will need to follow all Council and Maine CDC Covid-19 protocols.

  • Port-A-Potties will be available for campers.

  • Remember the buddy system.

  • Troops must follow YPT guidelines and have 2 deep leadership. If female scouts are attending, please be sure to meet female leadership guidelines.

  • Vehicles may be driven to the campsite area to unload but then moved to the designated parking areas. Vehicles must remain OFF the track and athletic fields.

  • Troops will be responsible for their own first aid. Troops should have medical forms on-site for all participants.

  • Once registered, no one is allowed to leave the event without the permission of their unit leader, who will notify the camporee staff. 


Class Information


Check out the class schedule below before registering your scouts.

Refer to the Booklet for an easier to view schedule and prerequisite list.

Download the booklet here.